Cantina Mexicana

Cantina Mexicana offers a perfectly balanced line of Mexican Products into the market. A strategic concept that perfectly
interacts with the interests of the consumer for convenient prepared dishes, which are tasty, healthy and unique.

Mexican secrets
Cantina Mexicana offers the consumer enjoy the secrets of the authentic TexMex kitchen at home. The ingredients are
carefully selected and produced, they do not contain any artificial flavourings or colourings. Off course all the products of
Cantina Mexicana have a long shelflife. With the carefully selected products of Cantina Mexicana, it is able to offer the consumer the todays unique trends in Mexican cuisine. The delicious dishes, sauces and seasonings guarantee tasty compositions in the international marketshare.

As Cantina Mexicana is a production company and therefore they are able to offer an excellent price and strong margins,
for an attractive response in a growing category of sales.
Burrito Fajita Taco

Cantina Mexicana - phone 0031 (0)6 81955877 - e-mail info@cantinamexicana.nl - The Netherlands