Taco Dinners

Tacos in complete dinner packages
contain all the basic ingredients, required for a full, quick and simple prepared meal.

Tortilla Dinners
Inside the Burrito
(for beef)-and Fajita
(for chicken)
dinner/kit you’ll find flour tortillas special seasoning and salsa.

Packed in various
sizes as well as
flavored to the authentic taste of
salsa and garlic.

Seasoning Mix

Blend into an authentic taste, adds a unique flavor to your dish.

natural chips

Product: Tortilla Chips Naturel
Article number: 64526, 200 g
Article number: 64516, 450 g
nacho chips

Product: Nacho Chips Naturel
Article number: 64529, 200 g
Article number: 64519, 450 g
cheese chips

Product: Tortilla Chips Cheese
Article number: 64528, 200 g
Article number: 64515, 450 g
Tortilla Chips Chili

Product: Tortilla Chips Chili
Article number: 64527, 200 g
Article number: 64517, 450 g


“Stoneground” corn,
to preserve the unique fresh flavor, and a
better “crispy” chip.

Authentic Mexican
name for this
is “Salsa”.

Dips for the chips with
a variety of flavours.

The bases for mexican food.

Jalapenos, ripened in
the sun and green
with a full flavor.

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